What we do
Local Groups

Cultivar has always had in mind offering a service tailored to each client’s needs. This is the reason why all our products and services can be adjusted to the client’s requirements.

In line with this goal, we have created a new service: the Local Cultivar Groups. The intention is to contribute to planning and production improvement in small and medium-sized companies.

In a context in which companies of all sizes need to administrate their resources as carefully as possible in order to ensure their continuity and their production sustainability, the idea behind the “local Cultivar groups” is collaboration among small and medium-sized farmers so that knowledge can be built sharing the resulting cost.

Services initially demanded by larger companies, like on-farm results analysis, customized workshops, risk studies, etc., can also be offered to groups of smaller farmers who decide to associate in order to enrich discussion and reduce individual cost. Collaboration among farmers can be temporary, to deal with only one activity, or longer if they decide to share a whole series of activities.

For further information, write to us at info@cultivaragro.com.ar.


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