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What do we offer?

In CULTIVAR we are convinced that knowledge is of great value when looking for good decisions. That’s why in our Training Area we offer high level theoretical and practical courses designed so that participants can take away knowledge that will enable them to face specific problems arising in their companies, and not just theoretical concepts.

We are a group of professionals with great experience on important topics such as risk evaluation, climate information analysis and the development of productive strategies.
Our workshops are aimed to farmers, professionals, managers and all those in charge of making economic and productive decisions in companies.

We have introduced “Workshops on-demand” so that we can satisfy each company needs. By so doing, we aim to offer more flexibility regarding date, place and even contents. Any company can request us a workshop in order to train its employees, clients or suppliers. We already count with experience in this kind of workshops, and we have always obtained excellent results.

We can deliver all the workshops we currently offer for any company or group of companies that jointly request the workshop, both in Buenos Aires (in-company or at Cultivar headquarters) and in other cities. We can also combine more than a topic in a unique workshop and tailor them introducing other topics (statistics, field test conduction and analysis, sustainability, and others).

Workshop calendar

This calendar shows which month/s is most suitable for each workshop, based on the moment of the year in which each topic is a priority issue in our agricultural businesses. However, all these workshops can be offered at any time  during the year, according to the client’s preference.

For further information, please send us an e-mail to capacitaciones@cultivaragro.com.ar

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Control of key processes in wheat and barley crops
Wheat and barley technical planning
  Weather variability and agriculture
Maize technical planning
Control of key processes in maize crops
Soybeans technical planning
Control of key processes in soybeans crops
  Environment characterization and identification
Agricultural simulation model applications: evaluation of production strategies
Rental agreements evaluation
Efficient portfolios and Black Swans
Crop economic planning with Monte Carlo simulation
  Monte Carlo Simulation with @Risk
  Measuring profit in agriculture
  Expected profit and risk of grain marketing strategies
Putting together all the pieces for risk analysis: how to build distributions for random variables
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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